Delgado Launches a New Radio Station

By: Dee Shedrick
In the 90s, the idea of a radio station for Delgado was bounced around, but it wasn't until the fall of 2011 that the Dolphin Radio became a reality. One of the obstacles that kept the station from getting off the ground was a place to house the station, but when the Bursar's office moved to Building 2, space became available in the Student Life Center.

Sound waves can be heard on campus for about two miles from the school on 1610 AM. There’s also a station on the FM dial – 96.3 – that reaches just outside the Student Life Center. Additionally, listeners from all around the world can log in to www.live365.com/stations/dolphinradio to hear Dolphin Radio. Because towers are expensive and the fact that the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) is not giving out anymore licenses, Internet radio is the best option for the radio station. "There isn't any more room on the dial," said Susan Hague co-founder of the station along with Robert Dunn. Hague and Dunn are both instructors at the College. Hague did the research and applied for a STEP (Student Technology Enhancement Program) grant to fund the project. And Dunn, who has a background in radio and TV production, connected and assembled all of the equipment, such as the software, computers, radio transmitters and antennas, with the help of a couple of electrical engineering students.

Bob Dunn one of the co-founders of Dolphin Radio
The station started with automatic programming, before students began volunteering to DJ live on the air. But from its inception, the radio station has had a very eclectic playlist from every genre, featuring New Orleans brass band music, to Tony Bennett, to hip-hop. "I think the only thing that we don't have a lot of in there is classical," laughed Hague. There is even a two-hour talk show. Down the line, there are plans to expand the radio station and have transmitters at each campus. "I would also like to air radio dramas, comedies, play-by-play sports and remote broadcast of campus events,” said Dunn. Recently, steps have been taken to get a live broadcast of athletic events up and running. Dunn, a student volunteer and a member of the athletic staff, setup equipment and streamed a baseball game on the Dolphin Radio. They performed the test run to see how much equipment and staff would be needed to pull it off.  

Bob Dunn on the air live in the studio located in the Student Life Center
Dolphin Radio is a student-run radio station with 23 volunteers; however, one radio class is offered where students actually receive credit and get hands-on experience working with the station. Faculty and staff are involved as well. "I am excited; my first job was in radio and I love it. It's a kick to have one hour a week on the radio. I have a Thursday 2 o'clock show. I just play all of my favorite music from my personal collection," said Hague.

Computer and sound board equipment inside the radio station

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