Throughout our 90th year we will host gatherings to bring our Delgado family together.  In the planning stages are several events including a Family Reunion Picnic for the Fall 2011 semester, a gala celebration, and a series of cultural activities involving Delgado’s Theatre Arts, Visual Arts, and Music departments designed to showcase students’ contributions and connections to our history.  

The Delgado Family Reunion Picnic will be celebrated on Saturday, September 17, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., on the City Park Campus. The picnic is slated to be held on the City Park Campus and will be open to all Delgado family members including alumni, current students, faculty and staff, retired employees, Foundation and advisory board members.  We are looking to bring people together for a grand but casual outdoor celebration.  Details to follow.

The Gala is in development to include the launch of an Art Auction fund raising campaign to support student scholarships and other needs.  

Cultural activities and experiential learning opportunities are also in development to incorporate historical context with curriculum and Service Learning opportunities.  Opportunities include theatrical productions, concerts, and a student art gallery opening. A poster contest for visual arts students is also in the works, to be presented during one or more of the above functions.

A Time Capsule project will also produce a commemorative collection of Delgado items for placement in the cornerstone or foundation (to be determined) of the new Moss Memorial Library, slated to be rebuilt on the City Park Campus in the next few years.  Details regarding collection of the items and the ceremony are to follow.