The 90th Anniversary celebration events  and projects are the work of many dedicated volunteers from among the ranks of Delgado’s faculty, staff, students, alumni, and retirees.  We’d like to take this opportunity to recognize these individuals and thank them for their great work on behalf of the college and the community for helping us celebrate 90 years of education that works! 

Family Tree Video and Kiosk Committee
Chair: Lynn Robertson
Committee Members: Leslie Salinero, Jessica Gorman, Chantrice Banks, Todd Taylor, Bob Monie, Carol Gniady, Tyler Scheuermann, Dee Shedrick

Archival Repository Committee
Chair: Connie DeBlieux
Committee Members: Dr. Lester Adelsberg, Dr. Diane Thames, Dr. Cheryl Myers, Kim Rugon, Ray Gisclair, Ashley Chitwood, Darlene Williams

Art Auction Committee
Chair: Warren Puneky
Committee Members: Dr. Mary Bartholomew, DeShon Berry, Moe Bode, Brenda Hanegan, Nita Hutter, Linda Kieffer, Earl Latiolais, Jenny Louis, Patrice Moore, Mae Niolet, Fred Tuhro, Gary Wallace

Time Capsule Project Committee
Chair: Tim Stamm
Committee Members: Yvette Alexis, Traci Smothers, Beth Weindel
Family Reunion Picnic Committee
Chair: Yvette Alexis
Committee Members: Traci Smothers, Beth Weindel, Nita Hutter, Tim Galliano

Commemorative Poster Committee
Chair: Patrice Moore
Committee Members: Dr. Lester Adelsberg, Warren Punkey

Gala Celebration Committee
Chair: Harold Gaspard
Committee Members: Traci Smothers, Yvette Alexis, Beth Weindel, Kim Rugon, Patrice Moore

Communications Committee (Blogs, Collateral, Social Media, Publicity/Media Relations, Videos, Website)
Chair: Carol Gniady
Committee Members: Leslie Salinero, Bob Monie, Tony Cook, Chantrice Banks, Jessica Gorman, Tyler Scheuermann, Dee Shedrick, Todd Taylor, Tom Dawson, Lynn Robertson, Bob Dunn

If you are interested in volunteering for any of our activities or if you have an idea and wish to get involved in the 90th Anniversary celebration please call (504) 671-5491 or email